Analysis & Optimisation

Airpave software continually evaluates all data, analyzing residual pavement and financial conditions. Optimised maintenance schedules are developed, balancing current and predicted technical and financial considerations.


Assessment of maintenance interventions

Airpave incorporates a maintenance and rehabilitation (M&R) catalogue with a description of maintenance intervention types, their effects, advantages/disadvantages and costs. Each intervention has an associated effect on the pavement condition parameters of Structural Index (bearing capacity), Functional Index (ride quality) and Mechanical Index (wearing course condition). 

Selection of the optimum maintenance strategy

The user applies a proposed M&R strategy built-up by choosing interventions from the M&R catalogue. Several alternative strategies can be analysed simultaneously.

Airpave computes the consequences of each potential M&R strategy in terms of pavement condition, deterioration and financial performance. Use of three pavement condition parameters enables identification of an optimum fit between pavement conditions and interventions, thus enabling maximum benefit to be gained from the maintenance works.

Decision-making tools

The Airpave system provides analysis of Net Present Value, Capital Factor, Relative User Cost and Residual Pavement Life as tools to help the user select the optimum pavement maintenance strategy.

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