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Systematic collection and storage of information

The Airpave system facilitates the systematic collection and storage of aircraft pavement information. It accurately stores digital photos from visual inspections and tests. The high level of information control that it provides is vital to ensure that aircraft pavements are kept safe and durable at all times, and to enable cost effective and optimized pavement management.

Improving the accuracy of visual inspections

Visual inspection of aircraft pavements can be a difficult task to perfume with accuracy and consistency, particularly for less experienced airport personnel. It is important as far as possible to remove the subjective element from visual inspections. To address this issue the Airpave system incorporates a photo-catalogue of surface distress indicators, to improve the accuracy and consistency of visual inspections and to facilitate the communication of results.

Recording maintenance works

The Airpave system enables the airport authority to keep track of all pavement maintenance works that are carried out at the airport, both the large and planned maintenance operations and the smaller patching works that are typically carried out in response to specific local issues throughout the course of a year.

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