Data storage & management

The Airpave system, software and databases.


User-friendly functionality

Airpave runs on a Windows based operating system. It is a networked system enabling access to all relevant airport employees. The selected 'super-users' in the airport authority operate the system, whereas other managers and decision-makers can access the information through a web browser. Therefore the number of computers requiring installation of the Airpave software is minimised.

Integrated GIS system

Airpave uses an integrated Geographical Information System (GIS) interface to access information and present the many and complex analysis results. Virtually any information from the database and analysis tools can be investigated in the GIS including pavement type, age, test results, condition, remaining service life and time of next planned maintenance.

This function of the Airpave system provides information in an easy to access, understandable and presentable way. It facilitates clear communications between different parts of the airport authority and also externally.

Compatibility with mobile hand-held recording devices

The Airpave system is compatible with hand-held units that can be used to record information from visual inspections. The only requirement for the mobile hardware unit is an installed internet browser and access to a 3G mobile network. Once information has been collected on the hand-held unit the information is automatically updated on the Airpave database.

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