Financial Data

Airport business data is tracked: revenue, cash-flow and capital are reported to the system.


Key financial benefits

A key benefit of the Airpave system is its ability to facilitate long-term financial planning. It gives the user a unique overview of the maintenance and rehabilitation funds needed at the airport in the coming years. Importantly it also enables the airport authority to avoid sudden budget shocks from unforeseen pavement maintenance and rehabilitation works.

Decision-making tools

To assist optimal use of financial resources, Airpave uses the following economic and non-economic decision-making tools: Net Present Value of future maintenance works; Capital Factor (profitability of invested capital), Relative User Cost and Residual Pavement Life.

Facilitates decisions

The many results of the Airpave system and its analyses can be viewed and printed in a number of standard reports including tables, graphs and diagrams. These options provide excellent documentation that is easy to present to other units within the airport authority, thereby facilitating the decision of how to best allocate financial resources. 

Optimal use of financial resources

The Airpave system enables pavement maintenance planning to be carried out to meet budget restrictions, without removing the focus on the standards for the pavement system set by the airport authority. Additionally the planning of pavement maintenance works is based on actual conditions and deterioration rather than estimations, enabling reductions in funding requirements without compromising airport safety.

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