Pavement Data

Pavement condition is reported to the system. Key performance indicators are tracked. Measurements are made and visual records taken and stored in the system.


Pavement description

Airpave incorporates user defined pavement geometry and structure. This allows the airport's existing information (e.g. topographic survey, construction records) to be effectively incorporated into the system.

Airpave enables the user to split the airport into homogenous pavement areas and assess average results for each area. This gives flexibility to the user in accurately describing the airport pavements based on construction, use and maintenance record. 

Pavement condition assessment

Airpave describes and assesses the condition of pavements by the use of three condition rating parameters, namely Structural Index (reflecting bearing capacity), Functional Index (reflecting ride quality) and Mechanical Index (reflecting wearing course condition). Each condition index has a unique deterioration curve and each represents vital properties of the pavement.

The background for using these three parameters is to enable preventive maintenance works to be initiated before pavement distresses become visible. 

Visual inspections and field tests

Visual inspections are carried out with a special Airpave registration form designed to suit the local conditions. Detailed information can be extracted from visual inspection for use with the pavement condition parameters, thus helping to identify the optimum maintenance strategy.

Field test measurements (e.g. Heavy Weight Deflection, Surface Profile and Friction measurements) can also be incorporated in the Airpave analysis to give improved accuracy in the predicted timing of future maintenance works.  

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