Pavements are mapped into segments for detailed monitoring and prediction of pavement deterioration.


Predicting pavement deterioration and planning maintenance works 

The Airpave system predicts pavement deterioration and plans future pavement maintenance works to ensure that no pavement condition parameter (namely Structural Index, Functional Index and Mechanical Index) falls below a user-defined minimum service level.

The purpose of the Airpave pavement condition predictions is to initiate preventive maintenance works before pavement distresses become visible. 

Continuous improvement of predictions

The Airpave system re-evaluates predicted pavement deterioration modes from actual test measurements taken in the field, thus continuously improving the prediction of pavement deterioration.

Assists negotiations with maintenance contracts

By planning the type and timing of future pavement maintenance works, the Airpave system provides valuable assistance to the airport authority in negotiations with contractors. Future maintenance works are planned with greater certainty, enabling more favourable terms to be negotiated with contractors.

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