Have a look at a couple of projects where Airpave is implemented in airports around the World.


Athens International Airport, Greece

Ramboll won a competition to implement a comprehensive pavement management system at Athens International Airport. Ramboll installed the system, provided training to personnel in its use, and has provided ongoing support with inspections and forward planning.

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Copenhagen International Airport, Denmark

In 1997 Copenhagen Airport decided to improve its pavement management by applying new systematic assessment and maintenance procedures in order to optimize operational efficiency and costs.

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Newcastle International Airport, UK

Ramboll revised an initial design for a runway refurbishment scheme, saving Newcastle Airport 67% in capital expenditure. Our analysis proved that a minimised 50mm asphalt inlay would ensure the necessary level of performance. Future risk was then mitigated through the implementation of our Airpave pavement management system. The result was a streamlined maintenance programme that could be more easily implemented within the constraints of a live airport environment. 

Lisbon International Airport, Portugal

Lisbon International Airport has implemented Ramboll's Airpave pavement management system for optimization of maintenance and rehabilitation for approximately 3 million m2 of pavement assets.

Vienna International Airport, Austria

The implementation of Airpave at Vienna Airport included conduction of training courses and set-up of basic data and information. Additional developments were implemented to incorporate management of emergency repair works. PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants) are used with an integrated GPS system making the inspection of pavements fast and reliable.

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