Strategy & Reporting

Information and results are delivered at the Executive Level or in Full Technical & Financial Detail.


Clear and targeted reporting

Airpave presents its results in easily readable tables, graphs & figures. Combined with the maps that can be produced with the Geographical Information System (GIS) this provides excellent documentation that is easy to present to other units within the organisation, for example to the airport authority Board.

Depending on the intended audience for the report, the results of the Airpave analysis can be presented at the Executive Level or at the Full & Detailed Information Level.

An emphasis on communication

A strong emphasis has been placed on the communication functions provided in the Airpave system, with the aim of facilitating discussions and communications within the airport authority. For example the pavement condition rating parameters are linked to a digital 'distress' photo-catalogue, enabling a visualisation of any particular pavement condition. This has been found to be a very powerful tool, particularly for communications with non-technical staff.

Reporting flexibility

The results of the Airpave analysis can be viewed in standard report formats for the whole Airport, for a specific Runway or Taxiway, or for any specified Maintenance Section within the airport. Further options are available, for example Airpave can produce statistics on any particular type of pavement surface within the airport.

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